Camera Operator/ Sound operator – Tyrone

Photographer/ Stills – Luana

Interviewer – Eugene

Director – Ellie Mae


Begins with the Interviewer walking into the College – with a voice over (Give statistics about the college – 78% of the students at this college use social media)

Camera pans around the college, showing students and teachers around the college

Then, we will introduce the people being interviewed – name, age etc.

Then we will begin with the questions …

Do you think social media is safe to express emotions?

Do you find social media useful? If so, why do you think is useful?

Then, we have a montage of the “interviewer’s colleagues” getting information about social media and how it affects youth and young people.

Do you think social media apps are educational? If so, which ones?

Do you feel safe using social media?

Do you think social media can lead to people being anti- social?

For our ending, we have the interviewer saying what have learned about social media

Camera Directions;

Long shot – in the street – giving a whole a view of the college with students moving around.

Establishing shot – this will give the audience an idea of where we are. Leyton Sixth Form

Over the shoulder shot – showing statistics on a computer/ like the percentages of things

Mid shot – showing the interviewer walking around the college


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