Critical and Contextual Studies Film Analysis



“Get Hard” is a really famous comedy movie that people find very entertaining and fun. The movie is about a rich guy called James King that suddenly is going to get arrested for a crime he didn’t commit and because he doesn’t know what to do when he goes to prison so he hires someone called Darnell to help and Darnell says he will teach him how to survive in jail and that’s when the funny stuff start. It’s a very good movie that not only makes you laugh but also teaches you to value friendship. The movie is 1h 17 min long, its age range is over 15 and there’s no specific gender to watch the movie.

This is a scene from the movie ‘’Get Hard’’ and on this scene they used reverse shot (which is often used in dialogue sequences between two people) to show that the two main characters were having a conversation, the purpose of this scene is to make audience laugh and get the pleasure of entertainment. The OS shot (which made their expressions clearer) and medium shot at the beginning of the scene to show that they were entering the “yard” and also while they were having the conversation. Also when they were walking in and while they were talking you could clearly see that the camera wasn’t still which made it look more realistic. Moreover the camera movement adjusts to Darnell’s height showing were looking down on him and whenever James King is talking it goes back up to his height. In the next cut it goes to over the shoulder shot, as we are looking at Darnell showing he is the main character.

The scene has the total of 24 cuts but they used the continuity editing which is an editing that makes the audience unaware of the cuts and transitions. I know this because you need to count the cuts I had difficulties because it was too fast. If I was watching the scene without paying attention I would not be able to notice the cuts that were made.

In my opinion the purpose of the scene was to make the audience laugh because it’s unexpected (you don’t really see that happen daily) .Also it makes the audience feel sorry for the James King because his house is being changed to look like a jail which is pretty sad.


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