Theme: Gender

3 games:

  • Call of Duty
  • GTA V (5)
  • Knack

Call of Duty:

Call of Duty is a game which was released on the 29 of October 2003 and can be played in basically every platform for example; PS3, PS4, Xbox 306, etc…. The game is based in war which obviously contains violence and makes it clear to the audience that the game is specifically for males. Also the age range for this game is over 18 ( it depends on each game ) Although females also play the game, if we compare the percentages of who plays more, males percentage is higher than them (females). Also when you play the game the characters are all male soldiers. I find this patriarchal because it’s basically telling the audience that males are more powerful than females and that they are the only ones capable of ending wars. In my opinion this game tells female audience that they are incapable of fighting independently like the soldiers from the game do. What I would do differently is that I would put female soldiers on the game so it would tell female audience that they can also fight independently and that they are capable of doing what males do.


GTA 5 was released on the 17 of September 2013 for PS3 and Xbox One and later on in 2014 and 2015 for PS4 and Microsoft Windows. It can be played on the platforms I just referred to. The can only be played by people that have reached the age 18 and so on. The game contains violence, bad language, sexual references, etc… The game is mostly played by males because the main characters are men as well. Females also play GTA 5, but not as much as males do. On the game females are represented as sexual objects, they show too much skin and the way they act is as if they were prostitutes. In my opinion that was a way to attract more males to play the game because nowadays almost every male want vulgar females so by showing them females that look like prostitutes, they will get more male audience attention. Furthermore I think it will also catch female attention because on the game they’re showing female with bodies that are not only desired by male but also by female. What I would change in the game is them females that look like prostitutes because that gives the idea that all females are easy to get.


Knack was released on November 2013 in Europe and February 2014 in Japan. This game is about a scientist that found a strange ball who’s actually a monster and is called Knack. This character collects relics, metal, ice and wood to fight with the enemies which are called goblins. The objective of the game is to find how Knack’s existence started and as long you pass levels you will get some clues. Knack it’s usually played by boys because it contains a lot of monsters and actions, which give boys more desire to play, bit it can also be played by girls, because it’s a really enthusiastic game with a interesting story full of mysteries. As a “ex-player” I find it very good for both genders. Unfortunately they only have one female which is the enemy, at first she’s quite powerful but obviously because the main character is male she loses her fight. In my opinion this is basically telling the audience that even if females try to fight a male they will end up losing. What I would change in the game is adding more females so it would catch not only the males attention but also female, because they’d see that females are also powerful.


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