Character Analysis



Knack is a game published by Sony Computer Entertainment and developed by Japan Studio. The genre of the game action-adventure and is about a creation called Knack that is trying to aid humanity in the war against Goblins.

He has the ability of connecting relics to his body which makes him stronger and able to defeat the. He can also connect other materials onto his body, such as; ice, wood, metal, clear crystals and poison.

This character interests me because he is pretty strong and when he has all those materials connected to his body he looks awesome. Also the design is very unique and very appealing. His personality is also really nice, making him look stronger and also it helps the game develop nicely.

What can you take from this if you had to design your own game character?


  • Personality: Knack’s personality is kind of nice and rough at same time and that makes him cooler.



  • Materials he has on his body: Knack’s body looks like a jewel because of the many materials he has connected onto it.



  • Colours: The colours Knack has on him look lively and powerful, for examples; He has the colour red which in my opinion connotes to power and strength

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