Illustration Evaluation

Character 1- A male marine for a third person shoot-’em-up set in a post apocalyptic world. The game is aimed at a mainly teenage/early twenties male audience.

Character 2- A child-friendly mascot for a new games company that will have its own platforming game and cartoon series.

Character 3- A female soldier for a new action- adventure game set in a (fictional) contemporary war in the Middle East, designed to appeal to both a male and female market.


For character 1 I decided to draw a character that had a cool uniform which would caught the audience’s attention. He has a hat and the thing that he has on his mouth is like a machine that produces oxygen. Also on his back he has something similar to a backpack that contains guns and many more weapons.


For character 2 I decided to draw a lion just because children nowadays really like them (including me) the lion has a cute face so it won’t scare children. Also, he has a zig zag line dividing his face and what I was planning to do was to paint half of the face pink and the other maybe purple so it would show children that being different is alright even if you have a different colour from others.


For character 3 I decided to draw a character that is appealing for both genders. The soldier is a female that has an amazing body and the reason I drew that was because I know that most males nowadays like to see women with a curvy and elegant body. In my opinion I think this will also appeal to women because on my drawing the girl has a body that most women want to have as well.



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