Game- Hello Neighbor


“Hello Neighbor “is a strategy and stealth game which was developed by Dynamic Pixels and published by tinyBuild. The game was released on the 19th of October 2016. Also the game was updated later on and now allows you to do more stuff than the first one. This game can only be played on a computer.

When the game was first released it didn’t really had a narrative, you had to keep playing it and try to figure it out what to do. After the game was updated the developer gave us a narrative.

The game is about a guy that just moved in and finds out that his neighbour has been doing suspicious things, so he has to go inside the neighbour’s house to find out what he’s up to without getting caught. When people read the games summary they think that “Hello Neighbor” is just one more of those mysterious games that have challenges etc… That is actually wrong. The game is actually pretty scary and unpredictable. I would say that the target audience are from people around 16 to 19.

Before the game was updated “Hello Neighbor” was pretty normal, you only had to invade the neighbour’s house and try to find out what he has inside, it wouldn’t really let you do anything. Because of that I’m going to describe how they used the narrative on the updated version of this game which is called “Hello Neighbor Alpha”.

On “Hello Neighbor Alpha” I think the type of narrative they used was interactivity. When the game first starts it shows the suspicious neighbour staring through the window at the main character with binoculars witching him arriving to his new house, then we start playing as the main character. The ending if this game depends on the choices you make. As you play the game sometimes the game stops itself so it can show you what the neighbour is doing but it always depends in what you’re doing.

The actual point of the game is to discover what the neighbour has inside his basement. As you play the game you’ll get to hear children screaming, you’ll get to see the neighbour fighting with mannequins which actually gives you Goosebumps.

To conclude the reason the game’s narrative is interactivity is because we will only get to see a narrative based on the players actions. For example: when the main character looks at the window there’s  going to be a time where the game will show the neighbour going inside this mysterious door making a lot o noise and then coming out haply jumping.


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