Risk / Hazard identified People affected Existing controls Action to be taken to reduce risk or hazard



Crew and Actors  Wires contained around the outskirts of the room Keep all the wire close together so they are easier to keep control of.



Crew and Actors  It’s in a bottle with a lid on


Keep water well away from any electrical



Crew and Actors None


Film in places where the public aren’t around us

Objects around the room

(Tables, chairs etc.)


Crew and Actors None We can move them to the sides of the room to avoid people walking into them.

Analyse a documentary

Analyse a documentary:
Within the four documentaries given, “Catfish (2010)”(which is related to “The use of social networking “) was the one I choose to analyse due to the fact that was very interesting and enjoyable.
“Catfish” was first released in the cinemas on the 1st of October 2010. The documentary was directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schuman and was filmed in the States of America. The documemtary is 87min long and the age range is over 13. Because the documentary was very successful in terms of popularity, it became a TV show on MTV.
In my opinion the type of documentary for “Catfish’ is observation and the reason is the fact that it doesn’t have any narrator which means that no one is telling the audience what is coming next.
The message the documentary is presenting is that we can’t always trust in social media, because there’s various risks that are always occurring. For example: people faking their identity (which in my opinion is what the documentary is more focused on). They are not only trying to pass that message to adults , but also teenagers.
The documentary was filmed in various locations, for example: streets, inside a car, hotel etc… You could clearly see that the locations were real, not only because  the light  wasn’t always the same but also because everything looked pretty natural. On the documentary you could clearly see that there were people holding cameras making random movements and angles (which means there was no use of specific shots and also the camera was not still as you see in most documentaries) so it was a really good way to show the audience that what they were filming was factual. The sounds were natural, they did not have any sound on the background or narrators and you could here voices of the people around.
I really like the documentary because it tells the audience that social media is not always safe, because there are loads of unfortunate events caused by the using of social media that made loads of people endangered. The documentary warns people to not trust what they always see on the internet and gives some advices in how to deal with people you meet online and the ways to know if they are real or fake. Also in my opinion the fact that the age range is over 13 it’s because the majority of websites such as: facebook, instragram, snapchat, etc… only allow people between their age to have an account, so, I think the documentary was not only created to warn adults, but also teenagers, because they start using social media pretty early and that’s the main reason I enjoyed and liked the documentary.